Thursday, January 29, 2009

Welcome to Perry William Kelly's Blog

Hello and Welcome to Perry William Kelly's Blog

Jan 29, 2009

The new year has started off at full speed.

Over the Xmas holidays, Sensei Lori O'Connell from Vancouver and her assistant instructor journeyed to Ottawa to do some training with me. Lori is a budding MMA fighter, so I shared with her how to keep herself safe when an opponent engages in some illegal dirty boxing tactics.

So far, I have taught a Kali seminar at the Therien Dojo in Chesterville (last Sunday) and will be teaching Muay Thai at the Therien Dojo Stittsville this Saturday. Following the seminar I will be heading down to Nabil Khatib's Team Bushido training center to interview him and Carlos "The Ronin" Newton about their upcoming fight, and then catch the George St. Pierre v. BJ Penn fight.

In the next few weeks I will be interviewing Renzo Gracie for a cover story in Martial Arts Success Magazine.

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